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Having the right colors in your house is not as easy as it sounds. Just like with most other aspects of your house or building, having done your research about your color will greatly improve the chance of you being satisfied and happy with your final paint result.

Our painters have many color charts and samples with them when they come to your house for conuslation. They also have many color charts and samples to help you choose the right color.

At Red and Black, our painters have the same philosophy “painting is like music, there is only so many notes, it’s all about how you put them together that makes a good painting job”. Our painters always look for perfection from the first to the last brush stroke.

How to Choose the Right Colors.

Use the architectural features such as molding, mantels, built in book cases, arched doorways, wainscot, windows, and doors to add more interesting and appealing look to painted walls.

E.g. we suggest to have a subtle weight by painting these parts one notch lighter or darker than your primary wall. Doing this, helps to bring the focus to the details such as the architecture of your home.

If you are not afraid of making a statement with your room, try using two different colors on your architecture and walls. The features will stand out more and become noticalbe. This can work well if you have distinct architectural features that you want to bring forward.

Remember that it is common nowadays to have the same color on elements like skirtings and architraves throughout your house. It helps to bring your home together and integrates the rooms with hallways. Common colors today is white and off-white color ranges.

Some older style houses in Brisbane have a wainscot built in to the walls. These wainscot is a great opportunity to incorporate a feature to your room. Again set the color tone different from your walls for best effect. Replicate the feeling of wainscot panels by painting the upper part in one color and lower part in another. In between, place a molding or wallpaper strip to bind the two colors together

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