Exterior Painting

Bringing old houses to life

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We paint the exterior

  • Guaranteed Results on Paint Job

    Our painting jobs are guaranteed to last. We take no shortcuts in our preparation or painting, leaving only a trail of beautiful paint behind.

  • Full Qualifications and Insurance

    Our services are licensed. Red and Black Painting have all insurances and licenses needed. BSA license, public liability insurance and machine license such as scissor lift for high access.

  • Only use Quality Acrylic Paint

    We only use the highest quality paint which last for more than 15 years. Ask us for any particular brand you want.

Signs your house need to be painted

There are many signs that tell you its time to have your exterior painted.

  • Paint is flaking or peeling
  • Paint looks chalky
  • The wood is rooting

Letting our painter change the appearance of your home can be the best decision you made for your hose. It can dramatically improve your home’s appearance, comfort and re-sale value.

With the harsh weather we have in Australia, most houses look tired after 5-15 years.  Water and insects also contribute to the deterioration of the walls and roofs.

We paint any style of  house, villa,  units or home. Be it a whole house or a rendered wall or retaining walls. We of course also paint any commercial buildings.

house need paint
exterior house preparation

Rigorous preparation

  • House Washing

    Normally we will wash your house as part of the preparation. Having washed your house means we get rid of dirt, dust or other things that can stop the paint to stick to the surface. Washing the house will our painter to achieve a perfect result.

  • Sanding & Scraping the house

    It is necessary to sand and scrape away any loose paint that can cause the new paint to flake or give an uneven result.

  • Gap Fill

    After we sanded the surface we fill any cracks we can find, making it less likely for water to reside and give a great finish.

  • Prime

    The final part of the paint preparation is to prime. All areas need to be primed and sealed including bare, timber, gyprock, cement board and cladding.

Beautiful results

Our gallery is frequently updated and you can see many of the jobs our painters have been busy with.

We aim to update it regularly and make sure you can see both caliber and skills of our painters.

If you let us, we can take before and after pictures of your house and share them with you as well as our website

3 most common questions about external house painting

Yes, you can choose your preferred brand. Part of our painter's service to you is to recommend and advice what paint we believe is best for you. However, if you have a preferred brand or quality you like us to use, we will use it.

As a general rule, 5-6 weeks is ideal. We do however require shorter notice certain time of the year. Sometime we can do it as quick as 1-3 weeks, depending on the job and time of year.

Yes, we work with both real estate agents and body corporates to have your house painted. Our painters goal is always to give you what you need and we always work with other organisaitons to finish painting your house.