Interior Painting


Our painters paint any indoor area

  • Bedroom and living areas

    Bedrooms are probably one of our most important rooms as they help us retreat and recover from a busy day. There have been a number of studies done to help us understand the importance colours have in nurturing sleep. Read this very interesting article to understand how the colours you choose for your bedroom / living area can help you relax and ultimately, sleep better.
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  • Kitchen Painting

    Walls and ceilings in kitchens are often exposed to smoke, fumes, scratches and marks on a daily basis. For this reason, we use a special paint called “Wash and Wear”. This paint is semi-gloss and designed for interior kitchen walls and ceilings. It also works to protect wet areas against mould.

  • Bathroom Painting

    The surfaces in bathrooms and wet areas need extra attention because they are constantly exposed to steam and water from our hot showers and baths. Just like with kitchen walls, we use a special anti-mould, semi-gloss paint for both bathroom walls and ceilings. This paint is easy to clean, durable and will last for many years to come.


The Paint Job

The painting itself does not take long compared to our preparation. As a rule, 80% of our time is spent preparing walls & ceilings and 20% painting. We normally allow 5 working days from start to finish of  the interior walls and ceilings of a standard 3 bedroom house.

For internal ceilings, we need 1 undercoat and 2 coats of “Ceiling white” applied. For most internal walls we need 1 undercoat or sealer and 2 coats of low sheen wall colour applied. Wood behaves a little differently and one undercoat and one top coat of gloss paint is needed.

Need Inspiration?

Try some of these links and resources for some insight to colours and ideas .

  • Glidden have developed a pretty smart tool to visualise how your room will look with different colours. All you need is an image to upload. Click Here

  • Go to a forum at Whirpool where you can read about other people opinions about paint brands etc. Click Here

  • is a great tool if you are comfortable with the computer. It give you options to create palettes of colors, giving you 1,2,3 or more colours that work well together. Click Here


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3 most common questions about interior painting

We have all the necessary scaffold for either indoor painting or outdoors. So far there is not one ceiling or roof we have not been able to paint.

If you already have walls painted and want to keep the same colour, we can colour match. The best way would be to have a bit of old paint in a tin. If you dont have that, we will use our colour charts to make sure we get as close as possible to your old color. So far we have not had any clients who were not satisfied with the colour choice.

Letting us paint inside and outside will definitely give you an advantage. We will give you a great price reduction based on the size of the total area that need painting.