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Client: Home Owner Location: Bardon, Brisbane Type of Painting: External Painting

House Painting in Bardon

The house was painted only 6 years ago and was already in need of painting again as the paint had already started to peel and flake.

There are many reasons to why this is happening. It could be the undercoat and preparation was not done the right way, leading the top coats to flake. It could also be a a painter who decided to make some extra money by using cheap paint that does not have all the components used in quality paint.

Red and Black painting always prepared the surfaces and use the right quality paint to make sure you get at least 15 years from the paint job.

The owner is guaranteed if the paint work lasting for a further 15 years and therefore, we have another satisfied client.

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What to look for in a quality painter

Using the gun when painting sounds easy but it requires a lot of skills just as for the traditional painting. Having to consider wind and surroundings with out-most carefulness is of major importance.

Many years of practicing have tough us the right skills to apply not to much and not too little paint. If we apply to much, we will get runs, if we apply too little, the previous coat will shine through.

  • They love painting

  • They have many years experience

  • Are happy for you to speak to past clients

  • Don't use subcontractors

  • They communicate well

  • The painters need to be clean and respect your property.

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