Large House in Coorparoo

newly painted house in brisbaneparked and ready to paintbig house painting job startedJess spray paintingjess using spray paint gunphoto of two walls about to get paintedstarted the painting jobjess with spray paintgreen beams have gone whitebright walls look so goodpump for the spray paint gunone wall for paintingJess overlooks the paint jobin he middle of paintingGreen colour have changed to light whitepainting startedAnother wall paintedtidying up the houseFront viewview from the front of housegreat street appealview from the topwe always clean up after ourselvesalex is paintingfront view oh housebeautiful newly painted houseunder pergola before finished paintingfinished painting under pergolaexterior painting front of houseunder pergola and completedclean bright colorexterior viewFront of house during paint projectFront right of house after started paintingpainting job is almost donegreat looking house

Client: Home Owner Location: Moorooka, Brisbane Type of Painting: External Painting

House Painting

We were assigned to paint this beautiful old house externally with spray painting tools and techniques. 

Painting a house with a spray gun allows the surface to be very flat leaving the house walls free from brush strokes.

In terms of time savings, it takes the same time compared to the more conventional way with a brush.

As for the cost, it is similar apart from that we need to use more paint compared to when painting with a brush.

Wen using a spray paint gun, we need to have a compressor with enough power to pump the paint through a tube sometime as far as 25-30m. It is also important to apply the right technique when using the gun with the paint to achieve the perfect result.

This beautiful house As for this house, client decided to get rid of the yellow cream color and instead have it painted with grey light quality paint from our preferred supplier.

We always encourage you to ask for our past clients if you feel you need to check the quality of our previous paint jobs.

Major Preparation and Clean up

Preparation and cleaning has always been a major part in our job and with a spray paint technique, and even more important as we are dealing with natural forces such as air and wind affecting how the paint applies to the surface.

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How To Spray Paint a House

The Right Spray Painting Technique

Using the gun when painting sounds easy but it requires a lot of skills just as for the traditional painting. Having to consider wind and surroundings with out-most carefulness is of major importance.

Many years of practicing have tough us the right skills to apply not to much and not too little paint. If we apply to much, we will get runs, if we apply too little, the previous coat will shine through.

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