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Use experienced Roof painters

Our passion for painting has now expanded to the area of roof painting. It is a good idea to consider painting your roof at the same time as you are painting your house, especially if you are doing external house painting as it will complete your walls with the roof excellently.

Our Roof painting services include smaller repairs, cleaning, colour consulting, finding leaks as well as gutter cleaning.

Before you contact us, take some time to read what we have to say about roof painting and our roof painters. It will help you tremendously with your choices. 

Remember, we are not roof repairers or roofers, for those types of businesses, we recommend  finding a local roof repairer using yellowpages online.

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Signs your roof needs painting

  • It is flaking

  • The roof is powdering

  • The old paint is 50% gone

  • It is the wrong colour compared to external walls

  • The metal roof is rusting

If you have any of these signs showing, it is time to contact us or start thinking of the lifetime of your roof. There are obviously many different approaches to the painting of your roof and they often depend on the budget that you have.

There are many views on how to do it but it is commonly agreed upon, in many forums including Whirpool forum that hiring a professional painter, who knows what type of paint to use and how to prepare the job properly, can save you a lot of money and guarantee that the job looks great for many years.

Our roof painters have many years experience and hold all the right certificates to safely carry out the job.

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What our roof painters do

  • Clean the Roof

    Depending on the roof and the condition, we will use a high pressure water cleaner to get rid of old paint, mold and other matter that may stop the paint from sticking. When using pressure cleaners, we like to work with at least 3000 psi to achieve a clean result. If you have a brand new iron roof, that has not been exposed to the elements for at least 1 year, we would need to scrub it down with a degreaser using certain chemicals.

  • Small roof repairs

    Our painters will look for any broken, chipped or cracked tiles and replace them. This prevents any future leaks and gives a long lasting result for the paint. Tiled roofs have a ridge capping which is held together with mortar. If the mortar is cracked or chipped we will remove the old and replace the mortar before we start painting. This is again very important for the lifetime of your roof and prevents future water leaks.

  • Select the colour for your roof

    It is important to make sure you select the right colours on your house including the roof. We are skilled in colours and know what colour combinations work well together. This process will give you a great end result and when looked at from a distance will enhance both street appeal and value. Another thing people think about is the fact that dark colours absorb heat better than lighter colours

  • Paint the roof

    Corrugated roof need to be painted with specifically designed paint for metal roofs. It has different adhesive components and will stand the elements for many years. The preferred technique is spraying as it gives the best finish and also is faster. The corners and ridge caps still need to be painted with a brush though. A tiled roof can also be painted with an airless spray gun for a fast and accurate result. If the roof has lost a lot of its colour, we will apply a thick sealer first before applying another 2 coats.

DIY roof painting tips

The wind will have a huge effect if you are using an airless spray gun. Pick a day with little wind.

The rain and sun also have a big effect. Start early before it gets too hot on a sunny day. The paint will dry too quickly in the middle of the day.

A popular way of painting is using one coat of sealant and two coats of colour. Most of the times now the paint is actually the sealant with colour added. The paint is also called membrane, a thick paint.

Double story houses need safety rails and scaffold, the industry is heavily regulated with many rules around Occupational Health & Safety.

Put an extra layer of paint over the ridge capping to give the strengths, after all, they are the edges of your roof and need to stay strong.

If you find a cheap contractor means that they will have to cut corners somewhere, leaving you with a job that will not last.

Consider how you are going to make it down without walking across wet paint.

Beautifully Painted House

View our gallery of beautifully painted houses and homes in Brisbane. We predominantly paint walls and ceilings but will include roof painting images as soon we get more pictures.

We aim to update our gallery regularly so that you can see both the caliber and skill of our painters.

If you let us, we can take before and after pictures of your house and share them with you as well as on our website.

Roof safety when we paint

  • We never work alone on the roof

  • We use strong shoes or boots together with a hat, respirator (if needed) and safety glasses

  • Our painters wear a safety harness if needed

  • We keep ladders and scaffolding attached safely on the ground surface

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