Commercial Painter

commercial painter

Our painters have 23 years experience with business and commercial painting.

Painting services For your office

  • We have all necessary licenses and certification

    We have all licenses necessary to operate lifts, scaffold or other equipment while carrying out the job.

  • We dont use subcontractors

    Red and Black Painting are proud to not employ subcontractors. This helps us to control the quality of the job and keeps our clients happy.

  • We paint most type of Offices & units

    We can carry out any type of commercial painting job you have. Be it smaller offices or larger warehouses, we have the right skills, equipment and passion to finish the job.

What to look for in a commercial painter

Finding the right commercially focused painter can be just as hard as in the domestic market. It often relies on having existing relations with someone who paints or knows one who does.

Other times you might just go to Facebook or Google to ask people for a referral. Regardless of how you found us, we have some greatd advice for you in selecting your next painter.

  • Do they have all tools and equipment to carry out the job?

  • Do they have all insurances necessary?

  • How good is the quality of the paint job?

  • Can we see any previous jobs they have done?

  • How many years experience do they have?

Offices, units, managed buildings, hotels, motels, factories, retail stores, or shopfronts. We take care of any of those buildings for you.

We have the tools and equipment needed to manage big painting projects in Brisbane. 

Just like with our other internal and external paint services , we help you to pick the right colours and make sure everything is taken care of.

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painters lift

Before and after photos

Preparing the building

Red and Black preparing commercial building

More preparation

Commercial building before we painted

One coat applied

Commercial building after paint is applied

Great paint job!

Commercial building finished painting

Take a look at some of the jobs we have done in the past.  We understand it is hard to find inspiration and therefore try to provide as much of that we can.

3 common questions about commercial painters

We have a capacity to carry out major jobs for multistory buildings. We have done jobs covering 50 so units and worked high up on scaffolds.

Yes we have BSA License 1160575. This means we are operating under Queensland building regulations. Go to QBSA website for more information. Click Here

Yes we work with builders and suppliers everyday. We are always on the lookout to work with great builders.