Deck Painting & Recoating

Make your old deck like new again

Take care of your deck

Signs your deck need re-coating

Your deck and outdoor areas are a big value feature to your house, make sure you look after it, or it won’t last.

We Paint All internal areas.

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Take care of your deck.

It is so important

We recoat all hardwood decks

All Queensland outdoor decks gets exposed to the harsh natural elements and need maintenance every 1-2 years.

Let the quality product do the job

We use only quality products for your deck.

We use many different products for your deck and the choice normally comes down to what your budget is and what type of finish you want.

Some of the products cost more than others and it is often debated which one is the best. As for price, Sikkens is priced higher with a quality finish while other brands are priced below with often the same quality finish and look. It means you have a wide range of varnishes and sealers to choose from and we will guide you through the jungle of product.

sikkens deck product


British paints deck product

British Paint.

Cabot's deck product


Integrain deck product


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