Deck Recoating

deck recoating

We restore both old and new timber decks. 

We recoat all hardwood decks

  • Decks need treatment regularly

    All outdoor decks gets exposed to natural elements and need maintenance every 1-2 years.

  • We use only quality varnish and stains

    All materials used are good quality and leaves your deck and outdoor areas protected against the weather. Talk to us about the right choice for you.

  • Paint house and deck at once

    Since we are already on your site with our setup, incorporate deck coating to the job and save yourself money on labor.

Signs your deck need re-coating

Your deck and outdoor areas are a big value feature to your house, make sure you look after it, or it won't last.

  • The colour is fading, turning towards yellow and grey

  • Chipped (similar to the picture on the right)

  • The varnish has started to peel due to wind and rain

  • The timber has started to crack

  • It has been more than 3 years since you had it re-coated

Tips to keep deck fresh

  • Sweep it regularly with soft fibre broom

  • Remove dust and leafs

  • Use water when washing the deck

  • Do not use detergents when cleaning

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deck in need of recoating

Products we use for your deck

We use many different products for your deck and the choice normally comes down to what your budget is and what type of finish you want.

Some of the products cost more than others and it is often debated which one is the best. As for price, Sikkens is priced higher with a quality finish while other brands are priced below with often the same quality finish and look.  It means you have a wide range of varnishes and sealers to choose from and we will guide you through the jungle of product. Click on the image to open new tab and view brand specific information.

Sikkenssikkens deck product

British Paints
British paints deck product

Cabot's deck product

Integrain deck product

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Take a look at some of the jobs we have done in the past.  Always feel free to ask us to look at some of the jobs we have done.

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3 common questions about deck recoating

For a larger job we would like to ask for 3-5 month in advance as our calendar fill up very quick.

The short answer is no, however, we make sure you understand the type of quality and finish you will get with the different products. Most of the time the finishes are slightly different depending on brand and price.

Your timber will be overexposed to the climate and weather. You are then running a risk of having to replace the timber, incurring a high cost and potentially structural problems. Talk to your builder if you think the deck needs new timber.