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Our passion for painting has now expanded to the area of roof painting. It is a good idea to consider painting your roof at the same time as you are painting your house, especially if you are doing external house painting as it will complete your walls with the roof excellently.

Our Roof painting services include smaller repairs, cleaning, colour consulting, finding leaks as well as gutter cleaning.

Before you contact us, take some time to read what we have to say about roof painting and our roof painters. It will help you tremendously with your choices.

Remember, we are not roof repairers or roofers, for those types of businesses, we recommend finding a local roof repairer using yellowpages online.

Signs your roof needs painting

  • The roof  is flaking
  • The roof is powdering
  • The old paint is 50% gone

It is the wrong colour compared to external walls

The metal roof is rusting

If you have any of these signs showing, it is time to contact us or start thinking of the lifetime of your roof. There are obviously many different approaches to the painting of your roof and they often depend on the budget that you have.

There are many views on how to do it but it is commonly agreed upon, in many forums including Whirpool forum that hiring a professional painter, who knows what type of paint to use and how to prepare the job properly, can save you a lot of money and guarantee that the job looks great for many years.

Our roof painters have many years experience and hold all the right certificates to safely carry out the job.

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